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The Anthony Burgess Series


Copies can be ordered from: Les Presses de L'Université d’Angers,  




Number 1: Portraits of the Artist in A Clockwork Orange. Edited by Emmanuel Vernadakis and Graham Woodroffe. Presses de l'Université d'Angers, 2004. 268p. 14,90 €.

coll2001The book contains a choice of papers delivered at the first international symposium organised by the Centre in December 2001 with an introduction and substantial essay by the editors. In addition to original studies of the novella, the film and the play, the volume includes previously unpublished material by Anthony and Liana Burgess as well as the bonus of a CD of some of Burgess’s own music, performed and recorded for the first time at the symposium.

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Number 2: Anthony Burgess, Autobiographer. Edited by Graham Woodroffe. Presses de l'Université d'Angers, 2006. 218p. 20 €.

coll2004As the contributors to this volume show, the autobiographical in Anthony Burgess's works is by no means confined to his two volumes of 'Confessions', Little Wilson and Big God (1987), and You've Had Your Time (1990) and the memoir of the musical side of his life, This Man and Music (1982). The papers collected here deal with his approach to the genre, his novels, correspondence and diaries, his background and influences, his poetry and music, complete with the recording of the European première of his 'The Brides of Enderby'.

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Number 3: Marlowe, Shakespeare, Burgess: Anthony Burgess and His Elizabethan Affiliations. Edited by Graham Woodroffe. Presses de l'Université d'Angers, 2012. 153p. 20 €.

coll2010Christopher Marlowe and William Shakespeare were twin stars in Anthony Burgess’s intellectual and artistic firmament. Inspired by them he wrote and composed abundantly, from his dissertation on Marlowe’s Dr Faustus as a student at the University of Manchester to the last novel published in his lifetime, A Dead Man in Deptford. On Shakespeare he was prolific: two novels - Nothing Like the Sun and Enderby’s Dark Lady - a biography, short stories, journalistic articles and scholarly chapters, a film script, a television series, a symphony and songs inspired by his plays, even a ballet suite for full orchestra about the career of Shakespeare, Mr W.S. performed for the first time in November 2010 during the fourth international symposium of the Anthony Burgess Centre at the University of Angers. Here is a collection of papers from that symposium which includes the synopsis of the ballet, published here for the first time.

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Special Editions

Anthony Burgess: Music in Literature and Literature in Music. Edited by Marc Jeannin. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2009. 205p. ISBN 978-1443811163. £40.

coll2006This book, taking an interdisciplinary approach, proposes a new insight into the relationship between literature and music through the prism of Anthony Burgess’s works and those of his spiritual fathers, be they writers or composers. Exploring this relationship not only helps us to appreciate the complex mechanisms of certain artistic creations, but also demonstrates the parallels between these two major modes of artistic expression as well as showing the limits of trying to superimpose them. A selected panel of brilliant international scholars tackles the challenge of examining this relationship by providing original explanatory comments on the musicality of literature and the literary aspects of music. The book includes many pertinent references to a variety of artists ranging from musicians such as Mozart, Beethoven and Debussy to authors such as Joyce, Eliot and Huxley. Finally, it offers, through a wide spectrum of analyses, enrichment to scholars, students and general readers of the works of Burgess and of others in which literary and musical domains meet.

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Anthony Burgess : Selected Songs | Chansons choisies. Edited by Marc Jeannin, Coedited by Graham Woodroffe and John Cassini. Presses de l’Université d’Angers, 2010. 20 €.



Torn all his life between his desire to become a recognized musician and his relentless work as an author, it was as a musician who wrote books that Anthony Burgess wished to be remembered rather than as a writer who composed music. This bilingual book presents a selection of songs composed by Burgess from poems by Shakespeare, Hardy, Joyce and Lawrence.

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