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Welcome to the Anthony Burgess Centre
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THE ANTHONY BURGESS CENTRE was a research centre of the University of Angers, France, set up in 1998 by Ben Forkner after Liana Burgess donated a collection of her husband’s books, papers and music to the university library. These, together with audio-visual material relating to Burgess, donated by the BBC, constitute the Anthony Burgess archives 

The Centre was responsible for holding international symposiums  and workshops on different aspects of Anthony Burgess’s œuvre, organising performances of his musical works   and publishing both proceedings and recordings.  

Since January 2017 all research activities concerning the ABC collection are managed by the research team "Patrimoines et héritages" (axe 4) of the CIRPaLL (Centre Interdisciplinaire de Recherche sur les Patrimoines en Lettres et Langues), University of Angers.


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Original documents by Anthony Burgess are published with the kind permission of the Estate of Anthony Burgess.



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